Giraffe. Stretch. Beanpole. Lanky. Beanstalk.Twig. Amazon.

 These are just a few of the names I was called for having much of my dad's height (he is 6'5). But I learned to embrace and love my height as every "height-enriched" woman should. I just had a hard time finding fashionable clothing and accessories. With all the things I liked, either the sleeves are always too short, or the flood ready "not quite long enough" dress slacks. And lets not even begin to talk about the Jeans- ughh

Out of the frustration to find great clothes, shoes, and accessories that enhance me being the tall Queen that I am, I had to introduce to the world, TWIGGYBEAN!  I have created the perfectly inspiring collection of gear to make all my Tall Sisters look great at an affordable price.  Browse through our site and check out the latest additions to our collection; just remember, you have to be 5'10 to ride these (clothing) rides!

Please get in touch with my team if you need any assistance.

Happy shopping!


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